Certified Success Coach | Keynote Speaker


Darrius Shannon delivers captivating and fascinating real life stories that inspire audiences.

    • Adversity
    • Leadership
    • Motivation and Inspiration
    • Endurance
    • Teamwork
    • Workplace / Workforce

Speech Topics
My Journey From The Murder Capital Of America

Darrius Shannon shares his journey of tenacity and triumph with breathtaking detail and graphic images. As a keynote speaker, he is perfect for audiences seeking expertise on change management, risk-taking, project management, and team building. Before every speech, Darrius seeks to learn about your organization\'s challenges and goals, customizing his presentation and masterfully personalizing the experience for each audience member.

While sharing humor and passion from the heart, Shannon challenges his audience to think differently - to view failure as a learning experience, to experience the art of grunt work, to conquer fear through focus - to live life with passion on their own terms.

Life After A Business Career

After a successful home health care business and sale, what\'s left? Darrius Shannon mounted a business career across the world laced with opportunity, defeat and triumph. He shares a journey of contrast and determination with breath-taking career episodes. As a keynote speaker, Shannon laces his presentations with laughter, poignant moments, tension, and lush illustration. He will challenges audiences to persevere through obstacles and to lead others by empowering them to live passion-filled lives.

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