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Success For Leadership Announces Inspirational Speaker Series By Multi-Talented Business Leader And Highly Acclaimed Pastor, Darrius Shannon

Journey To Freedom From Murder Capital Of USA Turns Into A Successful Career And Meaningful Life As Darrius Shannon Overcomes Poverty And Crime To Inspire A New Generation

 Atlanta, GA – October 9, 2014 – Success For Leadership ( www.darriusshannon.com ) today announced that Darrius Shannon has begun a national speaking tour. His speaker talents are aimed at motivating a new generation of young teens who face poverty and crime to succeed and advance in life despite insurmountable obstacles that threaten to extinguish their dreams. Reaction to his business success and now his speeches has garnered wide praise for his deep rooted themes and life experiences.

From his birthplace of Albany, Georgia - best known as the "Murder Capital Of America" in 1988 -  Darrius Shannon emerged from poverty and crime-ridden streets to become a multi-talented business leader with multi-faceted dimensions and God-inspired vision. His life was sadly similar to the plight of so many others who faced insurmountable barriers to education and a career. Yet, his life became unlike others by his personal passion and action that was driven by God, family, mentors and friends.

Street life marked by violence became Darrius Shannon's way of life when his family moved to Atlanta. But divine intervention would intercede when he found himself in an altercation. Darrius Shannon's life was spared and he made good on his promises. He entered the field of home health care where the work was financially and life rewarding. Darrius quickly set on a journey to form his own home health care business which quickly grew to unimaginable multiples that lead to an acquisition. But he never forgot the promises he made on the New Year's Eve that almost cost him his life. Devout to God and thankful for all his blessings, Darrius became a Pastor so he could spread the word of God and his own journey with God.

Today, Darrius Shannon continues his Pastoral mission, he has expanded his business interests and he has taken the time to mentor others through his work as an author, speaker and certified life coach. His journey of life has become inspirational to anyone who has been overcome with insurmountable obstacles."I'm ready to inspire others who may face similar obstacles to motivate them to avoid being a victim; and rather than succumbing to those pressures enable them use passion and action for their own success," said Darrius Shannon.