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Darrius Shannon, America\'s success expert, specializes in starting, growing and managing small businesses. As a certified life coach, Darrius focuses his passion to reach young people with at risk backgrounds and coach them to success.

In 1951, the U.S. Marine Corps established a logistics base on the eastern outskirts of Albany. During the 1950s and 1960s, so many white servicemen and associated workers arrived that the town briefly became majority white for the first time since 1870. In 1967, the Air Force closed all its operations at the base, which was transferred to the U.S. Navy and renamed Naval Air Station Albany. NAS Albany was used as the shore base of nearly all the Navy\'s RA-5C Vigilante twin-jet, carrier-based reconnaissance aircraft. The base was closed and the property was returned to the city in 1974. In 1979, the Miller Brewing Company purchased part of the old naval base\'s property to build a new brewery.

In 1961–1962, African Americans in Albany played a prominent role in the Civil Rights Movement with their very own Albany Movement. [Martin Luther King, Jr and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) became involved in assisting the Albany Movement.] They led protests and non-violent demonstrations to end segregation of public facilities, gain the ability to vote, and restore their dignity. Assisted by activists from SCLC, CORE, SNCC, and the NAACP, African Americans and supporters took a stand to fight segregation through nonviolence. The city repealed its Jim Crow laws in 1963, but it took federal legislation to secure the franchise.

By the late 70s, the decline in military bases and railroad restructuring led to job losses. Much of the remaining white population moved to suburbs and newer housing out of the city, which became majority African American in the 1970s. Struggling with a poor economy, Albany made national headlines as the \"Murder Capital of America,\" with the highest murder rate per capita in the United States. Other cities have since taken that title.

In 1979 when Darrius was only 7 years old, his parents left Albany and moved to Atlanta, GA with their three children in hopes of fleeing the economic and crime turmoil. But in some ways, it was already too late for their eldest child, Darrius and their whole family. Life would not be better in Atlanta as Darrius\' father left the family and his mother struggled raising three children on her own. Darrius began working jobs - from trash collector at just 10 years old to an auto lube assistant at 14. His school work suffered as he worked late hours to bring home much needed monies for the family. Before long, he dropped out of school and began to feel overcome with his inability to achieve any meaningful advances.

Street life marked by violence would soon became Darrius Shannon\'s next chapter of life. Without any meaningful father influence, Darrius found himself more fond of his 9mm gun than any book on any shelf that could have showed him a path to God and a life without violence. But divine intervention would intercede on one New Year\'s Eve when Darrius found himself in an altercation that quickly escalated into violence as he became the victim. Pained from the injury on his head and bleeding profusely in the ambulance, Darrius prayed to God. Hoping that he wouldn\'t die, Darrius promised God and himself that he would finally end this chapter of life and began a life worthy of God and humanity where he could become a law-abiding citizen and a contributing member of society.

Darrius Shannon\'s life was spared that night and Darrius Shannon made good on his promises. One of his first goals and one of his first accomplishments was the completion of his GED - his diploma marked a turning point as he realized he could accomplish anything he set out to do. Soon he set other goals for himself. And soon he was fortunate enough to be influenced by family, friends and mentors who gave him further guidance to the path of his future journeys.

Before long, Darrius met the dream of his life and the woman who would one day become his wife. But Darrius would first have two children which would prove to be very tasking on a young man trying to support his family on minimum wage jobs. Darrius knew that he could not make ends meet without a more meaningful career, so he sought the advice of his mother and others who directed him to the field of home health care. Darrius found the work financially rewarding, but more important, he found the work life rewarding. For the first time in his life, he felt he made a true difference in other people\'s lives.

By this point, Darrius also saw the entrepreneurial opportunity in home health care and he set on a journey to advance his family and himself by forming his own home health care business. His spirited leadership and his non-stop work ethic enabled Darrius to grow the business in unimaginable multiples that lead to an acquisition of his business that was started just three years earlier. With the sale of his business, Darrius Shannon has been able to invest in new ventures and continues to expand his business interests across several fields.

But Darrius Shannon never forgot the promises he made on the New Year\'s Eve that almost cost him his life. He had more to do and more to give back. Devout to God and thankful for all his blessings, Darrius became a Pastor so he could spread the word of God and his own journey with God. He recognized that countless young men and women face the same struggles that he faced, and Darrius has always sought to help others find the same path he found so many years ago.

Today, Darrius Shannon continues his Pastoral mission, he has expanded his business interests and he has taken the time to mentor others through his work as an author, speaker and certified life coach. His journey of life has become inspirational to anyone who has been overcome with insurmountable obstacles. His journey of life is proof-positive that anyone can change and that anyone can do something with their life if they are committed to themselves, their family and God. That\'s why and how Darrius Shannon motivates others and that\'s why Darrius Shannon has become a much desired speaker and author.



"At the brink of a life-threatening injury on New Year's Eve, I prayed to God and I promised to change - and I did change!"