Certified Success Coach | Keynote Speaker

Business Leader

Darrius Shannon chose home health care largely due to the spirited advice of his mother, family and friends. He found the work financially rewarding and he found the work life rewarding. But never did he imagine that one day he would start his own health care enterprise - and never did he imagine that he would be rewarded with wealth of a magnitude that he never thought he could achieve.

Darrius Shannon was able to grow his own home health care business by incredibly large multiple that grew and grew each year under his entrepreneurial wisdom that included franchises and an eventual acquisition of the business. With the sale of his business, Darrius Shannon has been able to invest in new ventures and continues to expand his business interests across several fields. Other businesses and their Board Of Directors seek out Darrius Shannon because they know that he brings a wealth of ideas and leadership expertise to all his endeavors.
•   Shannon Private Home Care: 4 sites, successfully franchised business then sold it after ten years of ownership
•   Bea's Private Home Care
•   MediCare Caregivers
•   Statewide consulting contract for
•   CEO Headrocka Entertainment
•   Pastor of Freedom Christian Center
•   Founder of Passion + Action = Success